Mary Electra
Tonal Alchemist

Experience the POWER of Sound Healing or Receive a Spiritual Tarot Reading with Sound

About Us

Sound Healing

 Sound Healing is a powerful alternative to traditional healing.  We are all energy, and sound vibrations can balance your natural frequencies.

Spiritual Tarot Readings

Spiritual Tarot Readings can support you during those bumpy times in your day to day life.  You will receive a reading with sound to assist you in your journey.


Our Services

Sound Healing Meditation With Sound

 Individual meditation relating to your personal needs and closing with a sound healing to support spiritual, emotional and physical well being.


Spiritual Tarot Reading With Sound

Utilizing tarot cards, Mary does a spiritual reading to assist your with your life's issues, and the reading closes with a Sound Healing specifically geared to your reading. 



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