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Leonardo da Vinci
"Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony?"

From the beginning of time, sound has created and sound has healed . . .

Each and every one of us has our own natural harmonic balance. Put simply, your soul recognizes and responds to compatible sound, and that’s why my work is so transformative.

For as long as I can remember I knew I had a healing touch, what most people refer to as magic. I know and understand that ancient healing modalities are working through my fingers and my hands as soon as I touch a body. This gift of sound empowers me to break up old energy patterns/blocks of a physical and/or emotional nature.

When I touch someone, my hands automatically know where to go. I can intuitively sense trauma or discomfort, and distinguish it from new or old issues. At times, I even get a visceral sense of the injury or memory.

The work I do is all based on bringing you back into your own unique harmonic flow, and guiding you through your transitions.

Discover what the healing power of sound can do for you!

Mary Electra
Tonal Alchemist and Sound Healer


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Emoto Sound Crystal

The power of sound healing.
Or why a picture tells a thousand words

A few years ago a client of mine received a sound healing from me. She experienced such an amazing vibrational impact throughout her entire body she knew that the healing power of my work was needed in our world today. And she believed that the work of Dr Masaru Emoto was the best way to convey the power of my sound to a wider audience. Thus, through her vision and graciousness, my client donated the resources to have my sound evaluated by Dr. Emoto’s lab.

The work of Dr. Emoto
The human body is composed mainly of water. Knowing this fact, Doctor Emoto, a doctor of alternative medicine, began research in 1994 to prove and demonstrate that the crystalline structure of water can be influenced by feelings, intentions, sounds, and visions. Since then, Dr. Emoto has traveled the world with his Messages in Water book. He also has a lab in Japan where water expressing different vibrational realities can be evaluated.

I had my sounds evaluated by Dr. Emoto’s lab in order to visibly show the effects my work has on the body and cellular structure of individuals. The photos above are the results of that evaluation.

As you can see, by the grace of divine spirit and Dr Emoto’s process, the sound vibration I produced is virtually breaking up a molecule that is distressed or diseased. That molecule is then being swirled in a spiral motion, reforming itself into what appears to be an embryo. In the subsequent pictures you can follow this form through to its state of wholeness, ultimately transformed into a perfect crystalline form.

This is just one example of the true power of sound, vibration and intention, something that can literally transform your body through my work.

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